Signature Jeremy Guy

Engineered Black Granite
96 × 36 × 36 inches
243.84 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm

Smooth black granite engineered to resemble a time signature in music becomes an elegant outdoor sculpture by artist Jeremy Guy. The sculpture weighs approximately 800 pounds."In my own abstract work I am acutely aware that nature champions great design. From the shaping of a beach pebble through years of tidal and elemental erosion to the myriad forms found in biology, I am often awestruck.” Jeremy Guy He grew up in England where natural inspiration has come from the work of British modern sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Since completing a BA in Product Design (2001) from Leeds Metropolitan University, Guy has been in full time practice as a sculptor. He emigrated to Canada in 2007. Guy's stone and engineered stone sculptures can be found in public spaces and private collections worldwide. The sculpture weighs approximately 800 pounds.

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