Jeremy Jansen Installation by Jeremy Jansen

Steel and Cement
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About the Work

The artist has curated scrap metal and re-presented it in the context of anti-art, challenging our notion of art. Found sculpture has its roots in early 20th century Dadaist work of Marcel Duchamp, the neo-Dada constructions of later 20th century artists like Robert Rauschenberg and more recently in the sculpture of the YBAs, the Young British Artists, including Tracy Emin. Like Jansen, Emin used discarded objects with the purpose of unsettling the viewer and his expectation of fine art. Jansen is an emerging Canadian sculptor and photographer who has shot for Arts & Crafts, Warner Bros. Records and EMI as well as Canadian artist Michael Snow. He is graduate of Langara College in Vancouver. Jansen has exhibited at the Power Plant, Mercer Union, Tomorrow Gallery, Plug In ICA, V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery in New York and La Miroiterie in Paris. Dimensions vary. Please contact for price. Installation includes the following works: Bench One Bench Two Boiler Plate Bruce Buttress Flower Gate Half Gate If You Could Save Yoursel(f) Worm

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