More Works By John Paul Robinson Solid Glass and Metal 2014
48 × 144 × 5 in 121.92 × 365.76 × 12.7 cm

About Probability

Available immediately. Arcs of glowing amber glass are curated into elegant overlapping waves in this wall sculpture by Canadian artist John Paul Robinson. The design of the monumental artwork suspended from five points is enhanced by golden shadows cast by light filtering through the glass. The intersection of art, science and myth and the human relationship with the universe are themes in Robinson's work. In this piece, the artist highlights the dual and complex nature of light as both particle and wave. In physics, the wave nature of light is a "probability wave" representing the probability of an observer measuring a particle at a given place and time.

Robinson was educated at the Georgian College of Arts and Technology and the Ontario College of Art, where he later taught for a number of years. Robinson is a Fellow of The Creative Glass Center of America, recipient of the Joan Chalmers Glass Award and has twice received the Best Glass Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Robinson has had solo exhibitions in Montreal, Toronto, Palm Beach, Quebec City and Chicago. His works are in corporate, private and public collections including the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo, the Museum of American Glass, New Jersey, the Toronto Granite Club and the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Robinson is represented exclusively by Oeno Gallery.

This 12 foot long work is suspended from five points. Installation is straightforward. Detailed installation instructions are included.