Inceptions No 4 Jutta Naim

Plaster and pigment on canvas
48 × 60 inches
121.92 × 152.4 cm

And island of burnished ochre and white floats on a pale green ground in this contemplative abstraction by Jutta Naim. Naim's artwork explores the creative psychological state, a meditative place through which inspiration emerges and guides her mark-making. "...I find myself marking the plaster, ever so indirectly, with ancient like symbols, perhaps to substantiate a sense of authenticity and balance to the images within the work. I believe that their presence offers a sense of nobility, a stability..." Born in 1942 and raised in Germany, Naim has lived most of her life in Canada and Israel working as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Naim has exhibited in Israel since 1995 and in Canada since 2014. Her work is held in private collections in Israel and Canada.

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