Orange Tent

More Works By Kikuo Saito Acrylic on Canvas 1987
49 × 52 in 124.46 × 132.08 cm
50.5 × 53.5 in 128.27 × 135.89 cm

About Orange Tent

A gorgeous explosion of bright orange at once lyrical and expressive dominates the canvas in this acrylic painting by Kikuo Saito. The Japanese artist is known for his intensely beautiful colour combinations and gestural abstract works. This piece is highlighted by a variety of small markings in red, blue, green, yellow, white and pink that add intriguing detail and complexity. Kikuo admired and was greatly influenced by a number of abstract artists including Canadians-- Paul Fournier and Jack Bush. His lifelong connection to dance and theatre is evident in the choreography and energy of his own work.

“I always wanted to paint with drawing.” Kikuo Saito

Born in Tokyo, Japan (1939-2016), Kikuo Saito worked in the world of theatre and dance and was a superb carpenter. He emigrated to America at age 26 with no English and landed in New York City. Saito had a successful career working in theatre for years but as someone who loved drawing, he also really wanted to paint. After apprenticing for several notable abstract artists—Kenneth Noland, Helen Frankenthaller and Larry Poons among them, he dedicated himself full time to painting in 1979. His work was exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions throughout North America. Saito’s paintings are held in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.