Thinking Outside The Box Lucy Maki

Mixed Media
40 × 23.5 inches
101.6 × 59.69 cm

This energetic chartreuse abstract work challenges the distinction between painting and sculpture. Elegant, architectural, and contained on the one hand, it speaks to energy, light and movement. Oil paint is applied to gessoed canvas, and/or hardboard, gatorboard, wood, aluminum lithography plates. Xerox transfer, paper collage, and/or "found" hardware is sometimes incorporated. Alkyd resin is used as the painting medium and replaces the traditional linseed/damar mixture. A wide variety of techniques are used in applying/removing the paint, with any number of tools imagined. After the initial shape of the piece is determined, preconceptions are discarded and a dialogue with the work determines what comes next. Every action taken is an attempt to see more clearly what is going on until disparate elements form a harmonious whole. When the work becomes self-evident, it is basically resolved, finished, and named.

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