Drawing 3 & 4 Lynne Fernie

Ink, latex and acrylic
48 × 24 inches
121.92 × 60.96 cm

Toronto artist Lynne Fernie prefers working in black and white. She enjoys the pure pleasure of drawing--the first artform she began to work in. Drawing 3 & 4—two panels of jet black with detailed white markings are part of an intriguing series she created in ink, latex and acrylic. “I think I might be a bit like a writer who faces a blank page. You know you have an idea…What happens when I put the first line on is how the drawing progresses. It’s more like a kind of visual intellect….” Lynne Fernie She is an OCAD honours graduate and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Fernie has been the recipient of arts and film grants from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, and has been a jury member of Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council juries. Her visual art is included in numerous private collections. Lynne Fernie is also a songwriter. She worked with the popular bland, The Parachute Club and wrote the lyrics for their Canadian classic, “Rise Up”.

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