Coyote Lynne Fernie

Ink & Latex
41 × 30 inches
104.14 × 76.2 cm
Framed Size
47 × 36 inches
119.38 × 91.44 cm

Below an inky black sky, a fox rendered in rapid black gestural strokes leaps towards something on the bright ground. Fernie is a masterful story-teller and here using simplified shapes evokes folklore around an animal known for its cunning. In the Aesop fable of the Fox and the Crow, a fox manages to steal the crow's cheese by flattering it. Looking up at the bird perched on a branch, the clever fox wonders if the crow's voice might match its physical beauty. When the bird opens its beak to caw, the cheese falls to the ground and is devoured by the fox. Lynne Fernie is a Toronto artist, OCAD honours graduate and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She has been the recipient of arts and film grants from the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council, and has been a jury member of Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council juries. Her visual art is included in numerous private collections. In addition to her visual arts career, Lynne is also a songwriter. She worked with the Parachute Club and wrote the lyrics for their Canadian classic, “Rise Up”.

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