Chute Des Cubes 3/10

More Works By Marc Plamondon Bronze and Steel
96 × 125 × 65 in 243.84 × 317.5 × 165.1 cm

About Chute Des Cubes 3/10

Impossibly balanced, these three white cubes form one monolithic outdoor structure. Strongly influenced by American minimalist art, Quebec artist Marc Plamondon’s playful, abstract sculptures explore positive and negative space.
At night the sides of the cubes appear as free-floating diamonds. This painted, aluminum sculpture is stone white. Number 3 in an edition of 10, it is available on commission in powder coated stainless steel. 8-10 week production time required.

Plamondon is a self-taught sculptor. He turned to sculpture after having studied and practiced painting, especially watercolour. He has also practiced photography. Since 2005, he has devoted his time exclusively to the sculpture of various metals, such as recycled steel, aluminum and iron. He lives and works in Lotbinière, alongside the Saint-Lawrence River.