Unwound Orange by Mark Birksted

Painted Steel, Wood Base
33.5 × 11 × 10 inches
85.09 × 27.94 × 25.4 cm
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About the Work

A ribbon of painted orange steel appears unwind and bounce off its base in this playful sculpture by Mark Birksted. The seeming effortlessness of this movement is belied by the physical process of making this sculpture. The artist hand bent the long metal strip at room temperature using an anvil before painting it in monochrome. Formally trained as a graphic designer and with years of experience, Birksted chose a new creative direction after being introduced to Shayne Dark, one of Canada's most established sculptors. Dark's work evokes the contrasts between urban settings and the natural world, using industrial and organic materials. "My hand-bent metal sculptures are a direct response to my frustration of using a computer as a creative tool. I bend the metal at room temperature, using an anvil. The response from this industrial material is immediate. No bend can be undone; there is no ‘undo’ key." ~ Mark Birksted

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