Singing Bowl Mars Marlene Hilton Moore

Stainless Steel with Red Powder Coat
34 × 49 × 49 inches
86.36 × 124.46 × 124.46 cm

This stainless steel bowl, powder coated silver on the inside and cherry red outside, is based on the traditional Tibetan singing bowls. These singing bowls, when rung or rubbed create a range of sounds that are used in healing and meditation. Hilton Moore's bowls produce pulsating tones that correspond to planetary frequencies. The Singing Bowl Mars can create a cosmic octave, the sound frequency of the planet Mars. The work is suitable for outdoor or indoor installation. A base is buried in the ground and bolted to the bowl, putting it an an angle to the light. Hilton Moore has an extensive public exhibition schedule of solo and group exhibitions. Her sculptural work engages the human form, particularly the head. Her work is also engaged in the stereotypes that pressure the identity of women in today’s society as well as concerns regarding our human relationships as a whole. Sound is also a significant factor in Hilton Moore’s work, including recorded voice, music, and sounds of nature in her audiovisual installations. Hilton Moore has been a recipient of many Public Art Commissions. Significant works include the prestigious Valiants Memorial, Ottawa, Two Freedoms, McMurtry Gardens of Justice Commission, Sir Wilfrid Laurier for WLU, Wiidookdaadiwin, Simcoe County, Flowers at Our Feet, Toronto, and most recently the Borden Legacy Monument. She has received awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. Hilton Moore’s work is in the collection of the Canada Council Art Bank, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Sir Wilfred Laurier University, University of Winnipeg, and many other public and private collections. In 2014, she received the City of Barrie’s Excellence in Arts Award. In 2010, Hilton Moore retired from her professorship at the School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College following a distinguished 25-year teaching career.

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