Model T

More Works By Maud Lewis Oil on Board 1962
12 × 14 in 30.48 × 35.56 cm
17.5 × 19.5 in 44.45 × 49.53 cm

About Model T

Referred to as a folk art, Maud Lewis’s paintings are irrepressibly joyful and depict her surroundings with humor and affection. Created in bright, solid colors with a flattened picture plane and limited use of perspective, Lewis's paintings charm viewers with such subjects as winter landscapes with sleighs, deer in forest, oxen and her three wide eyed, black cats.

Here Lewis has depicted a couple, a man in a brown hat and woman with her yellow scarf flying behind her, taking a drive in a Model T, a car produced by Ford between 1908 and 1927. Painted in 1962, this small scale spring landscape with bright greens and flowers in yellow, orange, white, red and mauve, recalls a happy moment of earlier years.