Oxcart in Spring

More Works By Maud Lewis Oil on Beaverboard 1962
9 × 11.25 in 22.86 × 28.58 cm
18.5 × 20.25 in 46.99 × 51.44 cm

About Oxcart in Spring

In this charming springtime painting by beloved Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis, two yoked oxen pull a bright red cart down a tulip-lined country road.
Maud’s fresh colour palette—golden yellow on the trees, the wagon wheels and the driver’s shirt, bright green pastures and turquoise, yellow, red, and white flowers is typical of her imaginative style.

Despite the hardships of poverty and advancing arthritis, Maud was able to create a body of cheerful paintings that belied her situation – the fluffy white and black cats, the jaunty sleighs on wintery roads, the oxen festooned with bells and more. She painted on whatever surface was available including clam shells, dustpans, and the walls of her tiny home.

“As long as I’ve got a brush in front of me, I’m all right.” Maud Lewis

The house she shared with her husband was restored and is on permanent exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Her artwork is held there and in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Maud Lewis is the subject of several biographies and two National Film Board of Canada documentaries. In 2017, a biopic of Maud's life titled "Maudie" was released starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke.