The Log Cutters Maud Lewis

Oil on Panel
9 × 12 inches
22.86 × 30.48 cm
Framed Size
18 × 21 inches
45.72 × 53.34 cm

Canada's most renowned folk artist, Maud Lewis returns to a favourite subject in this classic country scene from her native Nova Scotia. In rural areas, oxen were often used to haul freshly cut logs out of forests to local mills. In this oil painting, set in winter, two oxen with bright yellow and red harnesses and bells drag bundled logs. The 'logger' walks beside them along a snow-covered road lined with deep green fir trees. A small log cabin with a bright red roof sits in the background. In the foreground, another logger is chopping branches off a giant pine, axe in hand. "A lot of her work was almost aspirational of a simpler time where you would see depictions of horse-drawn carriages and sleigh rides in the snow, fields being plowed with oxen. It really depicted a happier, simpler life." Colin Stinson, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia In spite of the hardships of poverty and advancing arthritis, Maud was able to create a body of cheerful paintings that belied her situation - the fluffy white and black cats, the jaunty sleighs on wintery roads, the oxen festooned with bells and more. Maud painted on whatever surface was available including clam shells, coffee cans and the walls of her tiny home. The house she shared with her husband was restored and is on permanent exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Her artwork is held there and in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. She is the subject of several biographies and two National Film Board of Canada documentaries. In 2017, a biopic of Maud's life titled "Maudie" was released starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke.

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