Working Drawings by Milly Ristvedt, RCA

Mixed Media
20 × 23 inches
50.8 × 58.4 cm
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About the Work

Insight into the artist's process of making is revealed in this collection of working sketches on paper and canvas strips with test colours employed by Ristvedt in her early acrylic paintings. The pieces in this unique grouping are held under glass. Ristvedt wrote: "Over the years I have used an 11 x 14 inch wire-bound sketch book as part of my working process. Ideas for paintings - particularly size and colour - are tried out in quick sketches in felt pen. Usually many drawings are done before I see something that is worth carrying on to the next stage. When that occurs, I begin colour and paint quality tests on swatches of raw canvas that often mirror the proportions of the larger canvas I will eventually work on. [...] The paper sketches were torn from the first sketchbook I ever kept, volume #1. I am currently working in volume #17. As my paintings have changed over the years, working processes have as well, but these essential processes remain much the same."