Etrius 14/18 Neil Clifford

27 × 27 × 8.5 inches
68.58 × 68.58 × 21.59 cm

The name Etrius evokes notions of devotion and honour and encapsulates the visual experience of this noble mare sculpted by Neil Clifford. Expertly observed and crafted, this bronze sculpture features a 'shattered' surface, which is a visual signifier of timelessness and a unique feature of Clifford's style. Clifford's art reflects his deep appreciation of nature and his desire to engage the viewer with powerful visual and tactile forms. Neil’s understanding and use of natural stones combined with manufactured materials, the intimate relationship between the process of finding forms in nature and creating bronze sculptures for them, and the continuity from the concept stage to the final presentation define his studio and work today. Clifford grew up on a farm with horses and this intimate foundational experience is evident in the keen observation of this equine. "I have learned that art-making acts as a tool for understanding our place in the greater context of our lives, and this principle guides my own artistic pursuits” - Neil Clifford

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