Fille Avec le Livre

More Works By Nie Jian Bing Oil On Canvas Year 2007 60 × 48 in 152.4 × 121.9 cm

About Fille Avec le Livre

Nie Jian Bing incorporates Chinese characters in the skilled close up recreation of a 1545 oil painting "Portrait of a Girl with Book" by Agnolo Bronzino. Bing's oil portrait on canvas is overlaid with a grid and dotted with acupuncture points that correspond to “stomach 1” “governing vessel 1” and more identified with Chinese characters. The work is an intersection of Eastern and Western cultures as well as a visceral reminder of the physical subject of the painting who is no longer alive. Nie Jian Bing's work is held in private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and China.