Enfold (Tree Men Series)

More Works By P. Roch Smith Bronze 2021
10.5 × 8 × 8.5 in 26.67 × 20.32 × 21.59 cm

About Enfold (Tree Men Series)

Canadian sculptor P. Roch Smith’s ‘Tree Men’ were inspired by a walk in the woods. Smith noticed that fallen twigs and branches had interesting shapes and he imagined them replacing human limbs. In this bronze piece, two naked male figures face one another, tree limbs enfolding each other. The casting for each piece is a delicate process as each wooden twig is replaced by bronze so each sculpture is one of a kind.

“I simply like the idea of stretching out beyond one’s body limitations with these really absurdly long arms and legs – that you could really give someone a huge boost or a really enveloping embrace.” P. Roch Smith
He received a BFA (Honours Sculpture) from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (ECIAD - 1997) and an MFA from York University (2003). A teacher as well as an artist, he has taught classes at the University of Waterloo, ECIAD and York University. He currently manages and operates the bronze and aluminum foundry at York University. P. Roch Smith has exhibited throughout Canada and in the US. P. Roch Smith’s work is included in private, corporate and museum collections.