Paradise III

More Works By Pat Service Acrylic on Canvas Year 2004 54.5 × 49.5 in 138.4 × 125.7 cm $7,600

About Paradise III

Canadian artist Pat Service grew up in the paradise that is British Columbia surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, lush forests, and the ocean at her doorstep. This colourful minimalist painting celebrates the deep blue of the sea and sky divided by the land—a bright yellow raft, a turquoise canoe, the white sail of a boat in the foreground.
“The simple layout and near-abstraction allows me to set up unusual colour juxtapositions. Using glazes and layering the paint over and over again, I seek an intense colour experience.” Pat Service

She acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of B.C. and later studied art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Service’s work is held in private collections in North America, Britain, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.