Equilibre No 2 Paul Duval

78 × 63 × 9 inches
198.12 × 160.02 × 22.86 cm

This compelling metal sculpture by Quebec artist Paul Duval is called Equilibre which means balance in French. Inside a metal circle, an almost life-size figure, arms folded, stands on one leg, the second leg is thrust forward as if trying to maintain balance. Is this a social comment on the universal human quest to find balance in one’s life? " In creating my characters, I try to capture a movement, posture, gesture, or attitude exploiting curves and sometimes voluptuousness. I'm inspired by the harmony of shapes and textures.” Paul Duval He is a member of the Canadian Sculptors Society and of the Conseil de la sculpture du Québec. He studied Monumental Sculpture at Université de Rimouski, casting at Maison des métiers d’art, Québec and soldering at Cimic, Saint-Georges, Québec. In addition to his full-time work as an artist, Duval is Technical Director, Symposium international de la sculpture, Beauce-Art, in Saint Georges De Beauce, Québec.

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