Traveling Sculpture Show III

More Works By Paul Slipper Stone, Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel 2018
42 × 120 × 22 in 106.68 × 304.8 × 55.88 cm

About Traveling Sculpture Show III

Vancouver sculptor Paul Slipper loves the beauty, elegance, and history of natural stone. Slipper also uses humour to make his art more accessible. In this clever installation, five groups of luggage in stone complete with tags, zippers and books serve as a monument to travel. The pieces, carved from small hand-held gemstones to a 600 lb. piece of marble symbolize the journey they have made from 11 different countries.

“In my work I am constantly exploring the relationship between sculptural form and the forces of nature. Discovering new places that alter the stone’s natural appearance is the foundation of my creative development.” Paul Slipper

He graduated from Emily Carr School of Art (now University) in 1983. Slipper has exhibited his work both locally and internationally and has received numerous awards. His impressive list of commissions and acquisitions includes works for the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg.