Traveling Sculpture Show III Paul Slipper

Stone, Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel
42 × 120 × 22 inches
106.68 × 304.8 × 55.88 cm

Five groups of luggage are carved from stone sourced from 11 countries in this humorous installation by Vancouver-based artist Paul Slipper. There are twenty stones in the work ranging in size from small hand-held gemstones to a 600 lb. marble luggage duffle bag. Travelling Sculpture Show III humorously showcases each of the stone luggage’s journey from their country of origin. The stones used in this work were sourced from Canada, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Australia, China, Belgium the US, Turkey, Morocco and Mexico. The luggage pieces have handles of brass, stainless steel and bronze. Incorporated as semiprecious stones: Australian opal, Moroccan azurite and Chinese garnate. Slipper has created a monument to the liminal moments of travel—with tags and zippers and books casually strewn around—yet all telling a story of each part from a geological and geographical perspective. By melding together basic and precious stones from far and wide, the artist forges objects as resilient as they are fleeting. Dimensions and weights of the five groups: 24 x 23 x 26 inches, 400 lbs (grouping with aircraft cable handles) 42 x 22 x 24.5 inches, 500 lbs (grouping with books) 19 x 34.5 x 20 inches 750 lbs (grouping with black rectangular case, upright white) 21 x 24 x 22 inches 350 lbs (two piece, one with wide band handle) 18 x 37 x 21 inches, 850 lbs (two piece grouping with small purse)

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