Untitled Maquette Peter Mennacher

11.5 × 8.5 inches
29.21 × 21.59 cm

Peter Mennacher loved working with wood. After sketching his vision for a new piece, he would spend hours painstakingly whittling hundreds of wooden dowels until a sculpture was completed. Mennacher favoured the modernist genre and created both small and large versions of these unique pieces. Untitled Maquette is a model for a larger work and has one hundred hand carved dowels arranged in a perfect 3-D square on a lacquered rectangular block of wood. “Art is sublime and heaven inspired, and gives me as the creator, absolute personal freedom to articulate my life experience.” Peter Mennacher He was born in Bavaria and raised in Germany. (1942-2021) Peter Mennacher worked as a lawyer specializing in tax and art for 21 years before moving his family to Canada in 1992. Mennacher had always drawn and painted as a teenager. After working with many artist clients, he was taught how to etch by one of them. In 1993 he opened BLIZZMAX gallery and studio in Prince Edward County and took up wood carving and sculpting. Peter Mennacher participated in several solo and group shows in Ontario.

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