XXXIV Ed. 2 of 8 by Richard Tosczak

23.5 × 6 × 5.5 inches
59.69 × 15.24 × 13.97 cm
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About the Work

A green patina, male figure sculptured out of bronze. The figure is suspended in a moment of joy; one leg lifted as if jumping off a ledge. The arms and head are absent, drawing focus to the bodies gesticulation. A former student of philosophy and modernist steel sculpture, Richard Tosczak explores the human form through bronze castings. In his current practice he uses quick pen and ink figure studies as source material for sculptures and larger works on canvas. Reflecting the rigorous formalism of his early training, sculptures are modeled exclusively from a single drawing. Tosczak’s figurative nude sculptures are in public collections in Alberta, Canada and Barcelona, Spain. He has exhibited in Canada, Brazil, Spain and France. Tosczak is well known for his evocative sculptures of the human figure. In 2013, his work was selected for exhibition in the prestigious Figurativa Exhibition in Barcelona.

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