Rebus Rocco Turino

Powder coated steel
84 × 42 × 28 inches
213.36 × 106.68 × 71.12 cm

Dramatically angled sheets of steel coated in white cast elegant shadows in this striking outdoor sculpture by Canadian artist, Rocco Turino. “Both my parents are makers; my mother was a seamstress who made bespoke wedding dresses and my father was a builder who also did amateur stone/wood carving. They definitely had an influence in opening my eyes to the possibility of making a career out of crafting beautiful things.” Rocco Turino He was born in Ontario and graduated from OCAD’s Sculpture/Installation program before moving to Montreal to complete an MFA at Concordia University. He received a McConnell Fellowship at Concordia which enabled him to attend Glasgow of Art as an exchange student. Returning to the UK, he settled in London for the next 20 years. Turino has exhibited in Canada, the UK and completed commissions for private homes worldwide. Edition AP / 5.

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