Sailing Arcs

More Works By Rod Mireau Laminated plywood and fibreglass 2022
96 × 35 × 23 in 243.84 × 88.9 × 58.42 cm

About Sailing Arcs

The grace of white sails billowing on the horizon. This is the sophisticated and contemporary vision that Rod Mireau’s’ Sailing Arcs’ sculpture captures. The Peterborough based artist is known for his superb woodworking techniques—both traditional and modern. This piece –two ‘sails’ facing one another are sculpted from fibreglass and lined with laminated plywood that sit on a white stand. The natural wood pattern and rich golden colour of the wood contrasts beautifully with the bright white of both ‘sails.’

“I have begun to introduce new materials including metals, plastics and paint. While wood continues to be central in my work, this use of a more diverse range of materials allows me to explore new sculptural possibilities and opens up my work to a broader dialogue.” Rod Mireau

Born in Saskatchewan (1971) Mireau studied sculpture at Ontario College of Art and Design (1993 – 1997). He has exhibited in New York and across Ontario with a 2018 solo exhibition at The Art Gallery of Peterborough. Mireau received an Ontario Arts Grant in 2006 and the Award of Excellence at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2008. He creates commissioned work for both public and commercial spaces. Mireau’s work is held in private and corporate collections in Canada, the USA, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.