Dancer Ryan Van Der Hout

Painted Steel and Stained Glass
80 × 54 × 36 inches
203.2 × 137.16 × 91.44 cm

Dancer evokes the movement of a dancer in a simple, abstract way. The placement of the blue glass circles suggest the rhythm of a body in motion. With a background in photography, Van Der Hout's sculptural works reference the photographic medium, specifically the elements of light and motion. Motion is evoked in the structure of the sculptures and light is cast through the sculpture's many lenses, traveling across the ground throughout the day as the sun moves. The resulting work is meant to be experienced both in space and time. As you walk around it, the colours combine in new and delightful ways, and the colourful shadows it casts change as the sun rises and sets. The sculptures can be lit at night from multiple directions to turn any location into a light installation. This sculpture is also available in varying sizes and colours by commission.

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