Room for Mystics 1 Sandra Meigs

Acrylic on Canvas
58 × 72 inches
147.32 × 182.88 cm

Oval shapes in peach, red, yellow and blue dance on a light blue ground in this compelling abstract painting by Sandra Meigs. This enigmatic work is from a group of 30 paintings that were exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario in "Room for Mystics", 2017. " I anticipate … an explosion of colour, at first the colours will look ungainly, like blobby forms coughed onto the wall: minty green, cerulean blue, milk chocolate brown … within the ground there are hidden figures and things: a toe, a dog head, a breast, etc. The viewer's exploration of these comes to fruition when close to the canvas. When stepping away to a distance, they are lost. " Sandra Meigs.

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