Liminal Space

More Works By Sasha Rogers 2010
70 × 70 in 177.8 × 177.8 cm
71 × 71 in 180.34 × 180.34 cm

About Liminal Space

Layers finely brushed tones of grey and yellow-gold create an expansive sunlit ground that rises to a charcoal horizon met by a high gusty sky and dynamic clouds. The powdery and stained surface of this work feels Rothko-like, and subtle chromatic shifts are applied to create a sense of peace and reverence. The title of this atmospheric work "Liminal Space" alludes to this illusion of depth as a threshold, a beginning. Rogers received her BFA from the University of Saskatchewan earning four awards including most outstanding student. She received her Masters of Painting in 1987 from the University of Alberta. Rogers' paintings are held in private, corporate and public collections including the University of Alberta, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Toronto.