Kairoi No 16 Scott Pattinson

Oil On Canvas
71.5 × 71.5 inches
181.61 × 181.61 cm
Framed Size
73 × 73 inches
185.42 × 185.42 cm

A textured burst of bright white moves in a vigorous eddy of layered brush strokes and shapes in black, green, yellow, turquoise and indigo in this large oil on canvas. The balanced composition is contained within the picture plane by a passage of blood red at the upper right corner. Pattinson's title Kairoi is Greek meaning 'the times." It suggests both a moment in time and the general zeigeist. Pattinson's work may be seen in the broader context of the early 21st century resurgence of formalism and New Abstraction occurring in the US, Canada and internationally. This work is accompanied by the recent catalogue publication, SCOTT PATTINSON. In the book, Berlin art critic R.M. Vaughan is exuberant in his description: "Pattinson plays with the emotional triggers of colors, mostly by slamming together unlikely, even decadent, contrasting hues and then encases those associations, the metonymic readings possible, with harsh, cutting and calligraphic blackish strokes. A Pattinson painting is a bird nest built in the rafters of a disco, an ornamental garden behind bars, a severe steel tower struck by a hurricane, with all the pretty interior decor blown out and splayed across the strike zone." Pattinson studied architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto. Since 2005, he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. His work is included in numerous private and corporate collections.

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