Kairoi No 20

More Works By Scott Pattinson Oil On Canvas 2016
11 × 9 in 27.94 × 22.86 cm
12.5 × 10.5 in 31.75 × 26.67 cm

About Kairoi No 20

A red bar at the lower right of the picture plane draws the eye into a gentle eddy of brushed taches in gold, yellow blue, brown, green in this intimate oil on canvas. Pattinson's title Kairoi is Greek meaning 'the times" suggesting both a moment in time and the general zeigeist.

Pattinson studied architecture and urban design at Oxford University and the University of Toronto. Both disciplines inform his dynamic, structural abstract painting. Since 2005, Pattinson has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. CATALOGUE AVAILABLE