Kairoi No 21 Scott Pattinson

Oil On Canvas
14 × 14 inches
35.56 × 35.56 cm

Velvety blue and black abstraction with balancing notes of pink, red, lime and white. This work is part of Pattinson's 2016 Kairoi series which was featured in a solo exhibition in September 2016. Back in 2005, writing in the National Post, RM Vaughan described Pattinson as an “exuberant and sizzling emerging painter”. In 2010, he was one of two Canadian painters chosen to represent Canada at an international exhibition in Italy. In 2011, art critics in Vancouver and Edmonton called him edgy, innovative, a young painter to collect. Then in 2014, Gallery Stratford hosted a substantial retrospective exhibition of his paintings spanning a 10 year period. Now in his early 40s, Pattinson is “emerging” no more. He is a present artistic force to be reckoned with and has developed a deft and confident maturity in his work.

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