Most of the Time

More Works By Scott Pattinson Oil On Canvas 2023
40 × 50 in 101.6 × 127 cm
41.5 × 51.5 in 105.41 × 130.81 cm

About Most of the Time

The world of colour explodes on the canvas in this dramatic abstract painting by Scott Pattinson. Known for his intuitive use of colour, the Canadian artist is expressing his own emotional narrative in bright orange, greens, blues, pinks, red, and yellow highlighted by white and black markings. The energy in the brushwork is palpable.

“There is an urgent pace to the new work, with a more sustained energy, like a flood of expressions and a need to embrace the way emotions move and pass through us…” Scott Pattinson

“Pattinson plays with the emotional triggers of colors, mostly by slamming together unlikely, even decadent, contrasting hues….” Montreal art critic R.M. Vaughan

He studied architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto and completed a BES in Urban Design from the University of Waterloo. Since 2005, he has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. His work is held at Gallery Stratford as well as in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, Dubai, Italy, France and the US. Scott Pattinson is represented exclusively by the Oeno Gallery.