Remained Around

More Works By Scott Pattinson Oil On Canvas 2021
40 × 55 in 101.6 × 139.7 cm

About Remained Around

From his studio in a renovated barn in Clyde, Ontario, Scott Pattinson continues to create intensely colourful and captivating work. Using a broad brush and adding thick layers of oil in complementary colours, Pattinson’s expressive paintings immediately engage the viewer.

“The whole philosophy comes back to providing opportunity, thus painting abstractly as opposed to giving direction to people to look at something that is an object. ….there is much more of a direct conversation in the elements that are happening in the painting so every brush stroke becomes more important.” Scott Pattinson

He studied architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto and completed a BES in Urban Design from the University of Waterloo. Since 2005, he has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries across Canada including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. His work is held at Gallery Stratford as well as in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, Dubai, Italy, France and the US.