Christine's Arrangement Shani Mootoo

Giclee print on cotton archival paper
12 × 18 inches
30.48 × 45.72 cm
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In her "History Revisited" series, celebrated writer and artist Shani Mootoo explores the idea of dislocation, belonging and identity that: “… like perspective, is inevitably shifting and multi-faceted.” This giclee print is editioned, 1/10. This print is matted, framed. Framed size is 21 x 27 inches. It is also available in two larger sizes, 16 x 24 (framed 25 x 33 inches, edition of 8, $2,600); and 21 x 31.5 inches (30.5 x 40 inches framed, edition of 5, $3,400). Mootoo's images of interior rooms, furniture and trinkets constitute a form of portraiture, where the lines and wrinkles of the aging space resemble the aging of a person, their life story revealed on their skin. The original vision of the house has been transformed by time and by the usage and neglect of progressive generations. This is the home Mootoo returns to when she visits Trinidad, and like the family member who travels 'back home' to visit aged relatives, she has photographed the spaces therein to capture--perhaps for posterity, perhaps for the nostalgia of the one who left home and country--its history of the generations laid one on top of the other, each layer creating a pentimento of stories.

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