Lake Opinicon Shani Mootoo

Giclee print on cotton archival paper
21 × 31.5 inches
53.34 × 80.01 cm
Framed Size
29 × 41 inches
73.66 × 104.14 cm

A lush green landscape and red buoy are reflected and abstracted in the rippled surface of a body of water. Mootoo's photographic downward gaze frames the landscape in a close-up overhead perspective and as the water mirrors its surrounding environment, one is compelled to reflect on their position in this landscape. A self-reflection if you will. "As we travel through the land, we inevitably become tourists in our own land, not believing that we are "there" until we arrive at the beautiful, already vetted view we recognize from mass media. In my project, I have chosen to undo this by looking down, rather than off into the distance, to the touristic vistas that have been photographed and painted again and again." Shani Mootoo This framed giclee print is editioned, 1/8.

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