Carefree Me

More Works By Sophie DeFrancesca Mixed Media 2014
46 × 33 × 33 in 116.84 × 83.82 × 83.82 cm

About Carefree Me

This sculpture is constructed with wire, latex and paint. The rope length for suspension can be of variable length.
Exuberant and flamboyant new sculpture by this award-winning Canadian sculptor. Rope length is variable - sculpture can sit or swing suspended. Wire, latex and paint combine to create an elegant gown. Shadows cast are an elegant part of the installation.

Sophie DeFrancesca was born in Toronto in 1967, and attended the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1990. Influenced by iconic dresses of the twentieth century, De Francesca creates delicate figurative pieces out of galvanized steel. She has obtained several exhibitions and representation in prestigious galleries in Toronto, Montreal and New York, while also catching the attention of collectors in North America, Europe and the Middle East.