Cube - Model C

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16 × 16 × 16 in 40.64 × 40.64 × 40.64 cm
$4,400 USD

About Cube - Model C

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Available in four variations, this Cube has a flexible range of functions: stool, bench, ottoman, table, or artwork. Together, they offer these same functions but have the benefit of modular configurability.

The Cube Series celebrates the industrial process that creates moulds for producing sand-cast metal parts. While patterns are still commonly used in manufacturing, they are regularly decommissioned and archived in response to industry innovation. There is a growing abundance of unproductive industrial patterns in foundries and factories and STACKLAB, interested in reintegrating historic materials into the scaled production of useful, modern objects, invented a reuse strategy.

The Cube Series reconfigures a wooden pattern of a decommissioned, historic pump as a mould to make a casting in an alternative, low-temperature medium. Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) uses recycled glass as an aggregate and recycled fiber as a reinforcing agent. Unlike metal, ECC can be cast directly from a wooden pattern, creating a robust negative or inverse of the original. The specific industrial shapes of these patterns become non-specific when inverted, lending themselves to flexible programming. The Cube can be oriented on any of its six sides and is suitable for interior or exterior use.