Soul Gate 51

More Works By Stefan Duerst Powder coated steel 2023
61 × 14.5 × 7.5 in 154.94 × 36.83 × 19.05 cm

About Soul Gate 51

This elegant contemporary wall sculpture was created by Stefan Duerst. The German born sculptor hand forges steel into striking and elegant abstract forms. This single ribbon of steel’s undulating shape is accentuated by its fresh white shiny colour. One of a series.

“As an artist, I am drawn to steel as a material for both its alchemical properties and the duality of its nature. It is heavy material and yet can be transformed into delicate, visual compositions filled with ethereal qualities.” Stefan Duerst

Born and raised in Munich, Germany Duerst apprenticed under a Master Blacksmith and worked in both metal design and fabrication. He completed his Masters in Metalwork with distinction. Stefan Duerst has exhibited throughout North America. His sculptures can be found in both private and public collections in Canada and the US.