Laurel II

More Works By Susan Collett Ceramic 2015
29 × 16 × 23 in 73.66 × 40.64 × 58.42 cm

About Laurel II

Sculpted of earthenware paper clay, this dynamic work by Canadian artist Susan Collett is multi-fired to achieve complex surfaces. The work is rich with craquelure in hues of blue, pumpkin, black and white.

"My full time studio practice includes clay sculpture and printmaking. The work derives from interest in the tension of strength against fragility and as I push the work towards the edge of physical collapse, this theme becomes more potent. The work is hand-built and sculptural in nature. The use of light interplay provides a perceived fragility explored through stacking and channeling of hand-built clay platelets. The sculptures are often turned, tilted, built upon and re-fired, investigating the strength required for negotiating the relation between our interior and exterior worlds. Heaving, disrupted, uprooted forms hover in the space between the solid and the fluid, the fissure between order and chaos, of fluidity and brittleness. " - Susan Collett