Lineage XIV

More Works By Susan Collett Monoprint 2015
29.5 × 32 in 74.93 × 81.28 cm

About Lineage XIV

Susan Collet's monoprints are pulled from stitched copper sheeting onto archival Hahnemuhler printmaking paper using oil based inks. These are not edition prints. Only one image is made and then the plate is wiped clean and painted with a new image. By scratching she draws directly onto the copper sheeting. This is done with a drypoint needle, without acid. She uses Industrial grade roofing copper as the plate. They are very much “paintings on paper”.

The finished prints, with their quick, graceful sketches, their hand-stitched centres, resemble pages in a tattered old sketchbook, and somehow manage to convey that same sense of being deeply personal, completely original creations.
- Kristen den Hartog