Shadow Series Red

More Works By Susan Rankin Glass 2023
5.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in 13.97 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm

About Shadow Series Red

Susan Rankin creates uniquely beautiful glass pieces that emulate organic shapes and reflect light. This is one of a series of fired glass vessels that have a highly polished reflective surface. ‘Shadows’ of colour appear to float through the glass. This piece’s rounded form is in a brilliant orange-red.

“I seek to examine how glass has been used historically and how it could be brought forward in a contemporary way to continue to adorn the home.” Susan Rankin

She graduated with honors from Sheridan College, Oakville Ontario, in 1989 and received a three-year artist in residency at the Harbourfront Centre glass studio. Rankin has studied glass at the Pilchuck Glass School, Haystack School of Craft and Penland School of Craft in the U.S. She currently teaches glassblowing at the Haliburton School of the Arts, Haliburton Ontario. Rankin has exhibited extensively across Canada, the US, Belgium and Japan. Her pieces are held in private, corporate and public collections in Canada, the US and Belgium.