Big Blue Bull Susan Valyi

Mixed Media
23 × 27 × 12 inches
58.42 × 68.58 × 30.48 cm
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Re-purposed fragments from blue enameled kettles are shaped over a wooden form into a charming miniature bull. Two spouts become the horns, metal rollers are used for two hoofs and a curved pitch fork tine represents the tail. The work is imbued with humor but because it made from discarded materials found in her community, it documents a place and time. "Sometimes a friend will put a piece of something in my hand and express the hope that I can use it. Not only is my community embedded in my sculptures but my work also signifies time for me by recording particular experiences and stories. It does satisfy me to some small extent that instead of using more of our planet’s resources I’m trying to use up an infinitesimally small amount of what we already have." - Susan Valyi Susan Valyi studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her outdoor and indoor sculptures are held in many private collections.

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