More Works By Sybil Andrews Oil On Canvas 1935
15.75 × 19.5 in 40.01 × 49.53 cm
22.5 × 26.5 in 57.15 × 67.31 cm

About Michaelmas

The fall harvest on an English farm is captured in this richly coloured oil by Sybil Andrews. The notable British modernist was known for her use of dynamic form and bright palettes. In this composition two farmers appear to be hand shovelling hay from a horse drawn cart—the sharply curved shape of the barn and home behind them. The colours are earthy, deep and vivid—bright yellow against a pale blue sky, browns, turquoise, navy blue, red, orange and black. Michaelmas, (named for the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels) refers to the first academic term of the year--September to Christmas).

“Andrews had a greater interest in capturing the rhythm of the human figure engaged in either work or sport, and (her work) reflects this fascination.” Mary Ryan Gallery NYC

Born (1898-1992) in Bury St. Edmunds in the U.K., Andrews first took art courses by correspondence during WW1. Post war, she met an architect and artist, Cyril Power whom she moved to London with. She studied art at the Heatherly School of Art in London followed by independent studies with a Polish sculptor. It was there that she witnessed a lecture demonstration by William Kermode on black and white woodblock printing and attended many classes on linocutting. In 1947 she emigrated to Vancouver Island with her husband, Cyril Power where she continued to make linocuts in various subjects.