Allegory No 4 Sylvain Louis-Seize

Acrylic on Canvas on Panel
36 × 36 inches
91.44 × 91.44 cm

Overlapping shapes and patterns in indigo, lime, hot pink form a visual maze in this energetic canvas by Sylvain Louis-Seize. The painting calls on a minimalist aesthetic but pulls on the bold language of graffiti art. Louis-Seize drew critical attention in 2005 for his dynamic and imaginative use of form and colour. His paintings then and now draw inspiration from his years in Montreal where graffiti art played a central role in the visual culture. In his new body of work, Louis-Seize boldly reinvents the dazzling colour, spray, lines and patterns infusing them with symbolic meanings and emotion. Louis-Seize's artworks including large scale commissions are held in private and corporate collections in the UK, the US, Canada and Europe. A catalogue "Sylvain Louis-Seize, Resolution" (2019) is available.

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