Hear the World 3/10 Terence McGlade

Fibreglass, Epoxy, Resin, Paint
65 × 25 × 56 inches
165.1 × 63.5 × 142.2 cm
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Born from a period of temporary deafness, Hear the World has been designed to focus sound, while simultaneously highlighting the challenge of grasping sound. "For a period of three months I lost hearing in one ear - no medical reason was ever found to explain the loss. Every sound became a noise. Every loud noise an unbearable barrage of sound. And intimate conversations were inaudible. This time exposed me to the fact that hearing is a precious, complicated and vital aspect, the sudden removal of which affects one's life on the deepest of levels." Terence McGlade A play on the obsolete ear trumpet, Hear the World embodies our perception of the sounds of the world we can and cannot observe. The sculpture is made of fiberglass with an epoxy resin paint finish. The tripod stand is fabricated from aluminum. It has stood for 3 years on a 6th floor balcony and has withstood snow, ice and high winds. Hear the World was the first in a trilogy of pieces entitled Trilogy of the Body, an artistic exploration in sculpture of the invasion of the body for surgical repair.

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