Double Speak 01 02

More Works By Tim Forbes Acrylic on Canvas 2020 60 × 96 in 152.4 × 243.84 cm $9,200

About Double Speak 01 02

This twinned painting—a diptych of two distinct black forms on white canvas is, for Canadian artist Tim Forbes, a response to the political landscape—the tussle between truth and lies. Forbes is known for his bold minimalist work that explores the concept of pattern recognition.

“Amidst the Covid plague, presidential elections, all Matters of things and yet the diptych entitled DOUBLESPEAK came as …..visual symbolism structured to reflect on influence set to deliberately distort thought or reverse meaning.”
Tim Forbes
A young Forbes opened a graphic design studio in Halifax after attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He soon moved to Toronto where his corporate clients included a prestigious list--the Body Shop, Rogers and Rolls Royce. As part of a redesign of the flagship hotel for the exclusive Ritz-Carleton Hotel chain, Forbes created more than 40 original pieces including several paintings. Other recent Toronto commissions include "Leloop," a stainless-steel sculpture for Daniel Libeskind’s L Tower, "Power" created for a terrace in the Hariri Pontarini-designed Massey Tower and “Cloud," a large porcelain white sculpture engineered to float in a pool on the rooftop terrace of The Art Shoppe condo. In 2018, Forbes moved his studio from Toronto to the solace of Nova Scotia’s south shore.
In 2021, Forbes received a commission for Nova Scotia’s first 5-star hotel, Marriott’s Muir. Entitled, “Sentinels and Boats,” Forbes created a series of photo-based raw portraits of the rugged eastern shoreline.
Tim Forbes' work is held in private and corporate collections internationally.

This painting is a diptych. Each panel measures 60 x 48 inches. The two panels can also be displayed independently.