Marker 01 02

More Works By Tim Forbes Acrylic on Canvas 2020 48 × 120 in 121.92 × 304.8 cm $9,200

About Marker 01 02

In his bold black and white paintings Canadian abstract artist, Tim Forbes explores gesture, spatial tension, and tonal contrast. This carbon black acrylic painting is one of a series that examines the concept of pattern recognition. Forbes has created two diptych (hinged) panels that can be re-configured into different arresting patterns.

Forbes was compelled to create this painting after reading horrific headlines declaring that the remains of 215 indigenous children had been discovered in an unmarked grave in the backyard of a B.C. residential school.

“The memory of a person and their remains may on surface appear as two separate matters, but they are intimately connected as one.” Tim Forbes

While a nation mourned, the incident triggered a faint memory of childhood abuse in Forbes’s own life. This powerful work is the result.
“As an artist I envision, but I cannot imagine how to account for the heinous history of others, other than some 60 years later I wrote on the wall: MARKER”. Tim Forbes

The Oxford dictionary definition of ‘marker’ is, ‘an object used to indicate a position, place, or route.’ Forbes has ‘marked’ this place in time and honored those who must not be forgotten.

After completing studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Forbes established a graphic design studio and relocated to Toronto, ON. Over the years, his corporate clients have included the Body Shop, Rogers, Rolls Royce and the One-of-a-Kind Show for which he created the thumbprint logo – his own thumbprint. Recent commissions include "Leloop," a stainless-steel sculpture for Daniel Libeskind’s Toronto L Tower and "Power" created for a terrace in the Hariri Pontarini-designed Massey Tower in Toronto. "Cloud," a large porcelain white sculpture engineered to float in a pool on the rooftop terrace of The Art Shoppe condo complex, Toronto. Forbes work is held in private and corporate collections.

Marker 01 02 is a diptych with two configurations. Each panel measures 48 x 60 inches. The horizonatal configuration measures 48 x 120 inches; the vertical configuration measures 60 x 96 inches.