More Works By Tim Forbes Acrylic on Canvas 2022
40 × 40 in 101.6 × 101.6 cm

About Quandary

In ‘Quandary’, a compelling new work by contemporary artist Tim Forbes, a single thin blue line links the two dynamic black and white shapes composed on a neutral gray canvas. The introduction of colour to the black and white palette indicates an inspired evolution for the neo-minimalist artist. This specific blue -- neither indigo nor royal -- pays homage to the famed ‘Blue’ series by the French mid-century painter Yves Klein.
Colour adds a layer of complexity to the painting and accents the signature formal forms of Forbes’s works. The title ‘Quandary’ reflects the artist’s own perplexing and finally conscious decision to add nuanced colour to his black and white paintings.

“Especially in the abstract, the works must have a destination, the arrival of which is addressed in a contemplation of function, either within the emotive or within the form.” Tim Forbes.

A multi-disciplined artist, Tim Forbes's international studio practice is based in his native Nova Scotia. Among other youthful adventures, including dropping out of high school and attending NSCAD (the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) at age 24 the self-taught graphic artist opened an innovative design studio in Halifax. Soon after he moved to Toronto to work as an art director and designer. Forbes’s award-winning creative portfolio of more than 40 years attracted a prestigious clientele. In 2006, Forbes began exploring sculpture—editioned bronze pieces and large scale works in fibreglass and other materials at his annex studio in a renovated rural Ontario schoolhouse. In 2018, a focus on painting emerged with the opening of a dedicated painting studio. His work is featured in solo and group exhibitions at galleries in Canada and the U.S.