More Works By Tonya Hart Brass and Steel 2022
106 × 56 × 32 in 269.24 × 142.24 × 81.28 cm

About Hotspot

In this stunning new outdoor sculpture by Tonya Hart, seven brilliant brass rods rise out of the earth like beams of light. The brass coated steel rods reflect sunlight and cast shadows creating instant depth and dimension to the piece. (A hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet.) Hart’s uniquely beautiful work is inspired by natural forces…light, energy and magnetism.

“As a sculptor, I am drawn to the visual animations of fluid dynamics and magnetism that explore the underlying structure of the universe. Fluid dynamics is the study of the mechanics of flow in liquid, gas and air; while magnetism is the dominant force structuring movement.” Tonya Hart

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in 1998 as a Visual Arts Major at York University in Toronto. In 2006 she attended George Brown College. Hart has since worked with cities across Canada including four commissions with the National Capital Commission in Ottawa, Canada to create public art installations. In 2019-20, she took part in a studio residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto.